How To Hire Good Hourly Workers?

Employees that work by the hour make up to fifty five percent of the work force around the world. Ironically this is the work force where employers find it really hard to retain the work force and also find it hard to get qualified and experienced workers. The biggest reason for this is that companies aim their job descriptions and messages for younger people, but they do not realize that one fourth of the potential employees are actually between the ages of twenty five to forty four. Another point of issue is that employers tend to recruit for the full time job while most of the hourly employees prefer less hours.

If you urgently require qualified and skilled workers for maybe an upcoming project or the abrupt departure of a certain individual, then contacting a manpower supply company will allow you to hire some qualified workers immediately.

The employees that are given by the manpower supply company usually have a honed skill set and are much cheaper and time efficient than recruiting a full time worker for a short term vacancy. Their employee pools also usually contain professionals from a multitude of fields like construction workers and employees specializing in marketing. These are ideal for any company having a vacancy that needs to be immediately filled. Take advantage of the many social Medias on the internet to help you find quality staff members. There are also many specific sites that are geared towards helping potential candidates meet with employers so join these sites and post your advertisements along with an excellent job description. On the same note make it easy for the best people to apply. Answer phone calls and applications even during your off times because not doing this could discourage potential candidates who might be working elsewhere and such. If possible make efforts to have 24 hour hotline and be sure to include that tidbit in the job advertisement. The hotline could even be a normal answering machine and make it a point to get back to the applications as soon as possible because the average candidate applies to at least three other firms simultaneously. There are plenty of internet pin up board where you can post your job vacancy and interested people can look it up and get in touch.

Most hourly workers are also juggling other jobs and responsibilities so hiring them to do a full time job will be futile and will most probably turn them off of working at your firm so this is something you should take heed of.